How To Measure Ring Size

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Print out our Ring Size Chart:

Print the Ring Size Chart Ring Size Chart


A. String - You will need... You need: the ring size chart, a piece of non-stretch string (dental floss works), and a metric ruler. C. Measure the piece of string... Measure the string's length with a metric ruler.
B. Wrap the piece of string around your finger... Wrap the string around the biggest part of the finger you want to wear the ring on. D. SizeConversionChart Use the conversion chart to find your ring size.

Ring Circles

A. For this one you will need... You need: a ring that fits your finger and the ring size chart. C. Place the ring over the circle... With one eye closed, make sure you can barely see the black when the ring is sitting on the circle.
B. Place the ring over a circle... Place the ring over the black circles, find the circle that lines up closest with the inside of the ring.


A. For this method, you will need... You need: a pair of scissors and the ring size chart. D. Put the end through the slit... Poke the pointed end of the paper through the slit.
B. Make a small slit in the paper sizer... Cut a slit along the black line. E. Measure your finger around the biggest part... Put the sizer on the biggest part of your finger. Half sizes fall between two numbers.
C. Cut out the paper sizer... Cut out the sizer along the black line.